Leadership Team Members Take The Clifton StrengthsFinder

SP5As a strengths-based company, all VSL Home Office and facility leadership team members take the Clifton StrengthsFinder upon hire. This assessment tool measures talent and identifies potential for building upon strengths. Strengths training is also beneficial in helping team members understand one another’s strengths and how they can grow as a team.

Angie Hamilton, Certified Strengths Coach at VSL, coached each Sumner Place leadership team member individually on his or her own strengths. Then the leadership team participated in a morning of team building activities based on their strengths at the NHCA building in Lincoln. They shared more detailed information about their own strengths and how they utilize their strengthsSP3 on a day to day basis. It was truly an empowering and eye-opening experience for everyone!

The training doesn’t end here! The next steps are to continue providing team building activities for leadership team and extend the coaching to other team members in the facility.

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