I’m able to talk to residents like they’re my best friends.

It genuinely feels like a family and a community that I would love to be a part of for many years.

Staff listens to staff to better communicate in taking care of the residents needs and family concerns.

I was able to move up from the position in which I started into a leadership position. VSL has helped pay for my Master’s and other learning opportunities to grow as a professional and to best serve our residents. We also have exceptional and unique benefits – I am on our ”VAMP plan” for insurance and did not receive one bill after having my second baby.

I’ve only been here a short time, but I absolutely love working here already. Everyone is nice and welcoming.

Our workplace is a fun place to work with a lot of employee recognition. I love coming to work!

I love the team-work when I need information about a someone I’m going to train {names redacted} help me out so I’m fully prepared in question to ask to get to know them. I also love our nurses who help our CNAs with any questions or concerns they may have no one here shuts you down about anything. And everyone is willing to help when a mistake is made or if you are unsure about something.

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