I would recommend Sumner Place to anyone. The level of care, concern, and patience that is give to each of the residents there is spectacular!
Ken S.
It was a very good place for my mother in her final days.
Gary D.
I would strongly recommend Sumner Place to others needing a long term skilled nursing facility. I feel like they have become a part of my family.
If you want your family member to not only be cared for but also known, then consider Sumner Place. It is a safe, welcoming place that will make your loved one feel like they are at home.
Denise M.
It's a great place to live. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!
We are very happy with the care our family members have received at Sumner and feel blessed that they are in a safe and caring place. We would recommend Sumner Place to friends and family looking for a "home" for their loved ones.
Christine L.
We have had a very good experience here for over five years for my husband! Everyone is kind, caring and cooperative. They are happy to assist and help.
Illa P.
I recommend this place to anyone!
Onalea H.
I am so glad I found Sumner Place for Mom! I knew it looked good when I saw it - very friendly and homey - but I have been overwhelmed since then as I've seen just how great of a job they do. The food is tasty and homecooked, the care is attentive, and the opportunities for growth and entertainment are truly spectacular. I am so thankful for Sumner Place!
Sonya K.
From the first day my father moved into Sumner Place, I felt like that the staff truly cared about him, his well-being, and his unique individuality. The staff reached out to me on several occasions to update me on my dad‘s level of comfort as a new resident and his involvement in the activities they offered. They asked on several occasions about his preferences and life history. They took a true interest in getting to know him on a personal level. The care and patience of the staff that I have witnessed has made me very happy that my father is a resident of Sumner Place. My only regret is that I didn’t move him there earlier.
Wendi B.
Sumner Place has a wonderful atmosphere where residents are treated with the dignity and quality care that they deserve. We have had our loved one in this nursing facility for over 5 years now and we have been pleased with spiritual and physical attention she has received. The nursing staff go out of their way to keep her comfortable, despite her immobility. We are amazed at how clean the facility is, at all times. We feel that you can't do better for your loved ones other than having them at home in your personal care.
Barbara M.
My mom has been in Sumner Place for about two years. If you're lucky enough to be able to place your loved one here you'll never regret it. The care is excellent, staff is kind and considerate (the Nebraska way). The surroundings are beautiful and housekeeping does a great job. The nurses keep you informed on your loved ones status and the CNAs provide excellent care with activities of daily living. Mom always looks nice. What more can you ask for. Always care with a smile.
Marjorie N.
I wanted to make sure in the event something happen to me, my brother would be taken care of. I know now I've definitely made the right decision and we're both treated like family. He likes it there and has made many friends. I would never put him anywhere else!
Janette M.
The care is wonderful and we are all one big family!
James K.
My mother has been at Sumner Place for approximately two years and I am very pleased each and every time I come into Sumner Place to visit her with the friendliness and courteousness of the staff. It is my belief that my mother could not be any place safer and cared for and nurtured than where she is now at Sumner Place. If there was a place that can compare to how I feel about her being safe, it is when she was living at home with me. I'm very satisfied.
Ron G.
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