From the Family of Patsy Scott

February 2015

“Approximately 2 years ago, we moved our Mom, Patsy Scott, from Washington State to Lincoln. She was living in a local nursing home as she suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

As an RN, I have worked in area nursing homes for the past 30 years. Based on my experience, my thinking was that ALL nursing homes were the same, so my two sisters allowed me to make the choice as to which nursing home she should be moved into. My sisters and I began our weekly visits to see Mom at her new home. One of my sisters was not pleased with the care Mom was getting in her current home, so she was always looking for other options.

Early one morning at a volunteer event, my sister met a Restorative Coordinator who worked at Sumner Place and strongly suggested we stop by and see what we think. Within a couple of days, we moved Mom to Sumner Place – they took care of all the required paperwork.

When I would go see Mom at Sumner Place the level of care was superior. As I walked through the entire facility on my way to visit Mom in The Loft, I noticed that EVERY staff member, from all departments had big smiles and welcomed me into THEIR home. NEVER in the year and a half that Mom lived there, did I witness staff that was not happy, grumbling among themselves or complaining – even during flu season.

At Sumner Place, staff took Mom fishing (she caught the biggest fish), attended her first prom (providing her with a beautiful dress), vising Memorial Stadium, among many, many other activities. All this as every day staff ensured they were meeting Mom’s personal needs – even on days when she forgot where she was or asked the same question for the hundredth time. Staff responded to her questions with love and respect as if she were their own family.

Mom passed away in January, 2015. Her years in life were not always happy, but I can say that for Mom, her last year and a half were the happiest due to the love and care she received from Sumner Place staff, as well as living in the same town as her daughters. Sumner Place staff, including the Administrator, the maintenance man, dietary staff, laundry and housekeeping staff, knew Mom by name. The nursing and therapy staff provided excellent care – even down to the smallest detail: ensuring she has a bag of popcorn every day (Mom loved her popcorn).

After Mom’s passing, I returned to Sumner Place to tie up some loose ends, to find STAFF outside with a resident building a snowman – everyone was laughing and having a great time. What a memory for that resident!!

Mom had no money but was treated like and felt like a queen. We told Mom on a number of occasions that the Sumner Place staff was spoiling her rotten – she would just smile and talk about how much she loved being there.

We can never thank Sumner Place enough for the fantastic services they provide! Sumner Place is nestled in a residential area in Lincoln at 1750 South 20th St.

With gratitude,
The Family of Patsy Scott

Her children Doris, Jeanen, Deb and Greg”

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