Sumner Place Make A Wish

MaryIn honor of celebrating VSL 40th Anniversary, Sumner Place has embraced the Make A Wish program. During the week when Lincoln received large amounts of snow, Mary, a resident of Sumner Place, began making numerous comments about how she would like to Build A Snowman! Immediately, Mary would begin reminiscing on the days when she would go out and play in the snow and help her children build snowmen. The team of Sumner Place aided Mary in making those memories a reality. On Friday, February 6th (when it was around 50 degrees), team members helped Mary into a snow suit, boots, gloves, and hat.
They spent the afternoon outside the front doors of Sumner Place, building a snowman with all the fixings- carrot nose, coal eyes, stick arms, etc. Throughout the whole experience Mary could not stop laughing and giggling and talking about her children!

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