Service is nothing but Love in work clothes

Did you know that nursing assistants provide up to 90% of the hands-on care to our elder loved ones? Nursing Assistants perform a job that is both physically and emotionally demanding. Here are just a few daily reasons to say “thank you” and show support and appreciation to nursing assistants: washing and dressing residents for the day, taking the time to listen and speak, sharing a lifetime of memories, giving a hand to hold or a hug, doing the best to meet the needs of someone once able to do it all, and most important…compassion!

The Sumner Place nursing team includes 52 nursing assistants and medication assistants. National Nursing Assistants’ week, June 12th – 19th, recognizes the unique contributions of these “angel’s in disguise”. Please let our nursing assistants and medication assistants know they are APPRECIATED for who they are and what they do!

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