Happy Long Term Care Administrators Week, Larry!

Sumner Place is very blessed to have Larry VanHunnik as our Administrator. We celebrated Long Term Care Administrator’s Week by recognizing Larry at our All-Staff Meeting on March 12th. Larry wanted green punch served at All-Staff for St. Patrick’s Day but little did he know we were celebrating his dedication to Sumner Place. Larry’s positive […]

Erin Bonitto will be in Fremont April 16th!

Erin Bonitto will be doing an abbreviated version of her program, “I Already Told You, Don’t You Remember” in two offered times on April 16th in Fremont at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.  She will also be hosting a special family caregiver session later in the day. Here is the website for registration: http://alzheimers-fremont.org/events/ […]

Leadership Team Members Take The Clifton StrengthsFinder

As a strengths-based company, all VSL Home Office and facility leadership team members take the Clifton StrengthsFinder upon hire. This assessment tool measures talent and identifies potential for building upon strengths. Strengths training is also beneficial in helping team members understand one another’s strengths and how they can grow as a team. Angie Hamilton, Certified […]

From the Family of Patsy Scott

February 2015 “Approximately 2 years ago, we moved our Mom, Patsy Scott, from Washington State to Lincoln. She was living in a local nursing home as she suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s. As an RN, I have worked in area nursing homes for the past 30 years. Based on my experience, my thinking was that […]

70’s Week Celebration

Vetter Senior Living 40th Anniversary Celebration In honor of the upcoming Vetter Anniversary, next week we will kick it off by celebrating the 70’s – Groovy!  Please help us celebrate by participating with the residents! Wednesday – bring a T Shirt to tye dye with our residents Thursday – dress in your best 70’s attire! […]

Sumner Place Make A Wish

In honor of celebrating VSL 40th Anniversary, Sumner Place has embraced the Make A Wish program. During the week when Lincoln received large amounts of snow, Mary, a resident of Sumner Place, began making numerous comments about how she would like to Build A Snowman! Immediately, Mary would begin reminiscing on the days when she […]

Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Receives a Perfect Score!

Lincoln, Nebraska – In the most recent survey administered by the Nebraska Department of Heath and Human Services, Sumner Place was rated deficiency-free for the third straight year in a row! Sumner Place Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation is proud to announce that it has received a “deficiency-free” result on its annual Department of Public Health […]

Myth: Skilled Nursing Care center patients never leave or go out on trips

Fact: Skilled Nursing Care centers care for a variety of patients, each with different needs. Some will stay only for a month recovering from an injury or illness; other patients, like those with serious medical conditions, might require a lengthier stay of a year or more. On average, one of four people being cared for […]

Knots of Love

In the words of Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd Christmas: Excuse me, little old lady. Do you have change for a dollar? Elderly Lady: Change? No I’m sorry, I don’t. Lloyd Christmas: Well, can you do me a favor and watch my stuff here while I go break a dollar? Elderly Lady: Of […]

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