Sumner Place Adds New Leadership

Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation is very proud to announce Shelly LeFever and Sarah Wiebusch to their leadership team.

Shelly LeFever, Quality Assurance Nurse, is well suited for her position due to her visionary approach. She looks beyond problems and develops precise solutions for the success of each resident. Shelly loves to look beneath the surface to discover the “whys”. Residents love Shelly because of her empathetic approach. She is able to show the worth of a person by giving her undivided attention as she invests whatever is needed to heal the hurts of others. Shelly has been a dedicated nurse for the past seventeen years.

Sarah Wiebusch, Director of Social Services, is a lifelong learner who has an internal fire inside as she constantly needs to learn and achieve. Residents appreciate Sarah’s ability to import wisdom, maturity and skill. Often Sarah is validating direction or helping to ensure completeness for each resident. Sarah can easily identify the unique qualities of each person, help people build bridges to understand the connectedness of life experiences and ultimately find meaning and purpose. With an undergraduate degree from UNK, Sarah is also working on getting her Masters in Social Work and Public Administration from UNO. Sumner Place is very fortunate to have Wiebusch and LeFever in their family!

Shelly LaFever

Sarah Wiebusch

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