Sumner Place Announces Three Board Certified Gerontological Nurses!

            Sumner Place is pleased to announce that Mindy Zuhairi, Director of Nursing, Trista Roque, Quality Assurance and Infection Control, and Emily Sample, MDS coordinator are recognized as Board Certified Gerontological Nurses. Their driving passions to elevate geriatric nursing in Sumner Place and Long Term Care in general, has motivated them to seek advanced knowledge and skill, competence in understanding the health needs of our aging population, and achieve this milestone of personal and professional growth.

Mindy Zuhairi, D.O.N.

Mindy Zuhairi, D.O.N.

          Mindy Zuhairi has been in health care since 2001. For the past 15 years she has been a Nursing Assistant, Medication Aide, Floor Nurse, Charge Nurse, and has served the residents of Sumner Place for the past four years as their Director of Nursing. Mindy is known for her ability to see the potential in other people to learn, grow, and overcome life’s obstacles. She recognizes that the secret to great teams is casting individual strengths so that everyone can strive at what they do best. Both residents and staff appreciate Mindy’s immediate connection, deep relationships, and her obvious desire to help people succeed in their ambitions. Her adaptability enables her to respond to the demands of the moment even though she is being pulled in a variety of directions. Mindy is an exceptional D.O.N.!

Trista Roque, Quality Assurance Nurse

Trista Roque,   Q.A. Nurse

Trista Roque has been in health care since 2008 performing the duties of Nursing Assistant, Medication administration, registered Nurse and MDS Assessment Nurse before becoming Quality Assurance Nurse and Infection Control for Sumner Place. Trista loves solving problems. She enjoys the challenge of analyzing the symptoms of each resident, identifying what is wrong medically, and finding healthy solutions. Trista doesn’t necessarily condone the choice people make, but she does easily understand, anticipate needs and feelings, and gives people a voice to their emotional life while they make healthy life choices. Trista is an extraordinary nurse!


Emily Sample, MDS Coordinator

Emily Sample,    MDS Coordinator

Emily Sample has been in health care since 1994 and at Sumner Place/Milder Manor beginning in 1996 as a CNA, then LPN and RN. Emily is currently an MDS Nurse Assessment Coordinator. She develops a blue print for each resident from their past to their present care needs. What helps Emily most is her strong empathy for each resident, their feelings, and her ability to instinctively see the world through their eyes and share their perspective. Emily understands people and learns quickly about the individual qualities of each resident. Emily learns what is special and distinct about each person. What an Amazing Nurse!

“Sumner Place is highly focused on Quality Care and is dedicated to providing personalized care and services that achieve extraordinary results and exceed the expectations of those we serve,” said Larry Van Hunnik, administrator of the community.


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